API Technical Specifications (REC V3 Baseline)

The following versions of the API Technical Specifications for the Electricity Enquiry Service (EES) and Gas Enquiry Service (GES) have been developed under the Switching Programme in readiness for REC V3 implementation on 18 July 2022. They are expected to be approved as part of the Switching Significant Code Review (SCR), prior to a REC Change Proposal being submitted by the Authority.

These documents remain under Switching Programme change control and changes required to these should be raised directly with the Switching Programme.

If you need to access versions of these documents showing mark-up against previous documents, please contact the Code Manager via the Service Desk.



Download (Clean)

GES Meter Asset Enquiry API Technical Specification
GES Supply Point Switching API Technical Specification
GES Supply Point Enquiry API Technical Specifci
EES API Technical Specification