Smart Meter Installation Schedule (SMIS)

The Smart Meter Installation Schedule (SMIS) specifies the minimum standards for Code Members to follow in relation to the Customer facing aspects of the installation of Smart Metering Systems. 

Previously the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP), it has been developed to deliver the Licence requirement for Suppliers to follow an approved installation code of practice when installing the first smart meter for domestic and micro-business customers. The specific Licence conditions are:

  • Domestic: Condition 41 of the Standard Electricity Supply Licence and Condition 35 of the Standard Gas Supply Licence.
  • Micro Business: Condition 42 of the Standard Electricity Supply Licence and Condition 36 of the Standard Gas Supply Licence.

The main objectives of the SMIS are to make sure that the customer receives a high standard of service throughout the installation process, and knows how to use, and benefit from, the smart metering equipment to improve the energy efficiency of their home.

The code sets out the minimum standards to be followed by Suppliers throughout the installation process. The purpose being to support delivery of the behavioural obligations required to meet specific Smart Metering Implementation Programme (BEIS) policies.  These programme policies include offering an In Home Display (IHD), Energy Efficiency Guidance and to provide the opportunity for the Customer to have a demonstration of the Smart Metering System installed (Meters and IHD – if taken).

The SMIS is a Schedule to the Retail Energy Code (Schedule 16) and can be found in the Digitial REC or the REC Documents section of the REC Portal. A copy of the current version of SMIS is also be accessed from the link below:

Smart Meter Installation Schedule (SMIS)

If you have any questions regarding the the SMIS please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page below, or feel free to contact us by emailing or call 0800 640 4300 between 9am and 5pm on Monday to Friday. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Supplier Performance Reporting

To make sure standards are being met a sample of customers are asked about their experiences after a smart meter is installed at their home or business. Compliance is monitored by the energy regulator Ofgem.

The most recent report, and previous historic reports, can be accessed from the link below:

Supplier Performance Reporting