The Marketwide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Programme has implemented a Change Freeze which impacts the REC Change Process and its associated timescales. Visit this page to learn more about the impacts of the MHHS Change Freeze.
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Change Management

The Change Management page is your ‘one stop shop’ for access to key information relating to Change Proposals, including Impact Assessments and Consultations. You would also raise new Change Proposals via the page

Change Register

This is a downloadable version of the Change Register, in a simple excel format. It contains all the key information you may want to know about each Change Proposal, including status, priority, urgency and impacts

REC Releases

The REC Releases page will provide you with the information you need relating to upcoming REC Releases. This will include the Release Plan and Pre-Release and any additional information that is in scope of that REC Release

Latest Change and Release News

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April Extraordinary REC Release

 The Code elements of the April 2024 (3.10.0) Extraordinary REC Release were implemented 12 April 2024. This Release introduced three changes:

 R0062 - Removal of ERDA meteringPointEnergyFlow Change Restriction

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Preliminary Change Report Published

The Preliminary Change Report for the following Change Proposal has now been published and will now progress to Consultation.

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Category 3 Change Proposal

The following Category 3 Change Proposal has been raised. Comments are due by 18 April 2024.

Proposal C3-0078 – REC Service User Categorisation and Assessment Document v5.0

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Final Change Report

The Final Change Report for the following Change Proposal has been published:


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