Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement and the Retail Energy Code

What is Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement?

Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) is the new electricity market arrangements that will enable the flexibility to support transition to Net Zero. A shorter and more accurate Settlement timetable using Half Hourly meter readings for settled energy will support a cost-effective electricity system, encourage flexible use of energy and help Consumers lower bills. The MHHS Programme is an industry-led programme established to deliver the Target Operating Model and aims of the Electricity Settlement Reform Significant Code Review (SCR).

How is the REC facilitating MHHS?

The Retail Energy Code (REC) and its stakeholders will play an integral role in the new MHHS arrangements. RECCo, the Code Manager and REC Service Providers are working together within the MHHS Programme to deliver MHHS requirements that impact the REC and REC Services. The REC has representation throughout the MHHS Programme governance structure and working groups. RECCo has a seat on the MHHS Programme Steering Group (PSG) and Level 3 governance groups, and regularly participate in working groups across design, code drafting, testing, data, migration and planning workstreams. 

Consequential Change Solutions

Not all impacts to the REC are specified within the MHHS Design. There are consequential impacts, however, as a result of the application of the MHHS Design. The REC MHHS Stakeholder Advisory Group (MSAG) was established to collaboratively define solutions for consequential changes to the REC that were required as a result of MHHS Design. MSAG met between March and October 2023. The solutions which it delivered can be found within the document library below. The legal text for these solutions have been progressed through the MHHS Code Drafting under the MHHS Programme.

What is the MHHS Change Freeze and how does it impact the REC?

When an SCR is in effect, there are rules in place to limit the progression of Change Proposals that may impact on the SCR scope or delivery. The MHHS Programme has implemented a Change Freeze to manage this requirement. For more information on the MHHS Change Freeze, visit the dedicated Wiki page.

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