Upcoming REC Releases

This page will provide REC stakeholders with information relating to upcoming REC releases. This includes access to the Release Plan, Pre-Release and other relevant information. 

If you have any questions relating to upcoming REC releases please contact change.management@recmanager.co.uk for further assistance. 

On implementation of a REC Release, changes to the REC and any associated Category 3 documents will be available in the REC Portal and EMAR. If you are looking for the latest version of the REC documents following the implementation of a Release, you can access these in the relevant page of the REC Portal or EMAR:
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November 2022 Release (V3.2.0) - 04 November 2022

November 2022 Release Plan
November 2022 Pre-Release
November 2022 (3.2.0) REC Release drop-in session video
November 2022 (3.2.0) REC Release drop-in session presentation slides
November 2022 (3.2.0) REC Release Communication

February 2023 Release (V3.3.0) - 24 February 2023

The February 2023 (3.3.0) REC Release is a Code and Technical release with three changes in scope. The Code element of the release will be implemented on 24 February 2023 with the Technical element being implemented at a later date. Also in scope of this release are two non-REC changes that will impact the REC Data Specification. To learn more about these changes you can use the following links to be directed to the relevant Code Bodies change page P376 - Utilising a Baselining Methodology to set Physical Notifications and DCP383 Provision for Distribution to Move Meters for Service Alterations.
February 2023 Release Plan
Legal Text Pre-Release
February 2023 Pre-Release Data Specification 
February 2023 REC Release drop-in Session Presentation Slides
February 2023 REC Release drop-in Session Webinar Video
February 2023 REC Release drop-in Session FAQ's
February 2023 REC Release Communication

April 2023 Release (V3.4.0) - 01 April 2023

The April release is a Code only release which will all be delivered via a big bang approach.

There are no non-REC changes in scope of  this release.

April 2023 Release Plan
April 2023 Pre-Release
CoMCoP - Extended clauses V1.1
Communication & Engagement Plan & Post Go Live Support
R0025 - Service Provider Performance Charges (DCC) FAQ's
CoMCoP and Metering Audit Scheme FAQs
CoMCoP Webinar Presentation Slides
CoMCoP Webinar Presentation Video
CoMCoP Webinar FAQ's

June 2023 Release (V3.5.0) 

The June release is a Code and Technical release with all changes being delivered via a big bang approach.

There are three non-REC changes in scope of this release that will either impact the REC Data Specification or the change relates to a REC change. They are: DCP-394 - Allow any REC Accredited Meter Operator to De-Energise any Metering Point (relates to R0021), CP1558 - New Registration data items to facilitate MHHS (relates to R0032) and CP1568 - Inclusion of new LDSO-mastered SMRS data items (relates to R00660).

June 2023 Release Plan
Attachment 1 - R0032 Proposed Data Specification Changes V1.1 - Amended Rule
Attachment A - R0066 - CP1158 - EMAR Data Items

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