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Energy theft is a serious issue, leading to increased costs for consumers and posing a safety risk to the public. To combat this problem, industry participants have obligations to actively detect, investigate, and prevent energy theft as part of their license requirements. Condition 12A of the Energy Supply Licenses outlines the objective for Energy Suppliers to work individually and cooperatively with other Energy License holders to reduce energy theft through deterrence and detection.

To support the industry in minimising energy theft, the REC has set out a schedule of arrangements in its Theft Reduction Strategy. This includes a tip-off service for reporting suspected energy theft and a Theft Detection Incentive Scheme (TDIS) to reward those who successfully detect and prevent energy theft. The REC also establishes a methodology for determining the amount of energy that has been stolen and sets targets for the number of confirmed energy thefts that Energy Suppliers must identify. By actively working together to combat energy theft, industry can help to reduce costs for consumers and increase safety in the energy sector.

The Energy Theft Reduction Hub is the place to access information and guidance related to the Theft Reduction Strategy. This area of the REC Portal is restricted to REC Parties and authorised users.

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Stay Energy Safe

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Stay Energy Safe is powered by Crimestoppers and is a platform designed to promote the Energy Theft Tip-Off Service, raise awareness to the dangers associated with meter tampering and signpost the public to guidance which provide support for help with their energy bills.
Through the Stay Energy Safe Partner Portal, Parties can access marketing material to help with promoting the ETTOS.