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R0074 Release of Community View Technical Items to MEMS in GES - Technical Changes

R0074 is a change that was implemented into the Retail Energy Code (REC) on 24th February 2023. System changes associated with this change were delivered outside of a standard REC Release on 2nd June 2023.  


  1. What the Change Delivered
  2. Impacts to REC Systems and Products
  3. Impacts to Stakeholders
  4. Further Information


What the Change Delivered

At REC V3.0 Go-Live, the 'Community View' access to data in the Gas Enquiry Service (GES) was removed for Metering Equipment Managers (MEMs) to align with the Gas Data Access Matrix (DAM). This access was previously available via for the Data Enquiry Service (DES) under the Uniform Network Code (UNC). 

R0074 reinstates system access from the 2nd June 2023 to ensure that MEMs are able to access the following data items to enable them to check site details prior to attending emergency metering works:

  • Meter Serial Number (MSN)
  • Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN)
  • Large Supply Point (LSP) Indicator 
  • Address and Post Code
  • Related Metering Point Status 
  • Network Short Code
  • Supply Meter Point Status 


Impacts to REC Systems and Products

R0074 changes to the Gas Data Access Matrix were implemented into the REC on 24th February 2023. The implementation required to deliver GES system changes was made on 2nd June 2023. As a result no REC Products were impacted by 02 June 2023 technical implementation.  


Impacts to Stakeholders

From 02 June 2023, Gas MEMs are able to access additional data items in GES, through their Community View, when they are not currently appointed as the MEM for the meter point. No other REC stakeholders are impacted by this change.  


Further Information

Further information on this change can be found here 


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