Supplier Performance Reporting

What does this report show? 

To make sure standards are being met a sample of customers are asked about their experiences after a smart meter is installed at their home or business. The SMIS Monitoring and Compliance Customer Survey report provides a summary of customers’ experiences of when a smart meter was installed in their homes by their energy supplier.

You can use the report to see how your energy supplier is doing compared to other suppliers when installing smart meters in homes.

The surveys are carried out by independent survey organisations on behalf of suppliers and are published each quarter.


Upcoming reports 

The next report to be published will be for installations that happened in January, February and March 2022 (Q1) and made available to the public by the last working day of June 2022.



Due to suspension of some non-critical activities during the COVID-19 pandemic no report was published for installations carried out in Quarter 2 2020.

The number of smart meter installations reduced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following UK Government guidance meter installers may be spending less time in homes to minimise the risk of transmission for customers and installers. This may affect responses to some of the survey questions, particularly about Energy Efficiency and displaying meter functionality.

Energy suppliers have been allowed to temporarily change the questions they ask to take account of the safety measures they have adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic. More information about the temporary wording can be found in the Q1 2021 report. Energy suppliers were able to temporarily change questions 3, 4, 4a and 4b.


Why can’t I see my Supplier in the report? 

This report shows information from instances where more than 30 customers responded from the individual supplier that installs smart meters.

Some suppliers are owned by other suppliers (the parent company) and so they could submit their results in a different name to the one that appears on your bill.

If your supplier doesn’t appear in a table for a question they may have had fewer than 30 responses. A lower response rate can make it difficult to draw reliable conclusions and so these aren’t included. If a supplier doesn’t appear in a table it does not mean they scored 0% from customers for that question. A full list of suppliers who submitted survey results can be found in Figure 7 of the report.

If a supplier plans to install fewer than 5,000 smart meters in the year they do not need to carry out these customer surveys.

If an energy supplier’s results suggest poor performance, or that they might not be compliant with the rules, Ofgem will consider if any action is needed to resolve any issues.


I have questions about this report 

If you want more information about the Monitoring and Compliance Customer Survey specification, please email


SMIS Domestic Monitoring and Compliance Survey Report

SMIS Micro-Business Monitoring and Compliance Survey Report

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