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This page contains all the information and documentation related to the REC Release that was published on 28 June 2024.

June 2024 Release (V3.11.0) -  28 June 2024

Communication & Engagement 

June 2024 (3.11.0) REC Release Plan 

June 2024 (3.11.0) REC Release - Implementation Communication

Changes Implemented 

R0043 - Commissioning of Works by the Crowded Meter Room Coordinator (CMRC) to Resolve Issues in Crowded Meter Rooms 

R0064 - Creating a Meter Operator Agent and MOCoP Installer

R0070- Provision of Enduring Test Environments 

R0098- Optional Fuzzy Searching in EES

R0142 - Amendment to Multiplication Factor Enumerations to Support Hydrogen Trials

R0158 - Amendment to the 'Supplier Registration Report (MAP)' Report Methodology

R0160 - Electricity Supply to Hydrogen Electrolysers

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