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Impact Assessment

Once a Change Proposal has been accepted the Proposal moves to Impact Assessment. 

Impact Assessments are initiated after a solution, or solution options have been defined. An Impact Assessment gives parties an opportunity to identify, validate and quantify the impacts and/or benefits a solution would have on their business/market role. 

Impact Assessments are targeted at impacted Service Providers, REC Parties or Non-REC Parties but are extended to any interested stakeholders. This may include other industry service providers, delivery bodies, consumer bodies or innovators.

Impact Assessments include questions relevant to the targeted Service Provider or impacted/interested Stakeholder, focussing on the costs and benefits a solution would bring and the impacts that would be seen from different implementation approaches. 

The Code Manager reviews the Impact Assessment responses and uses them to inform the business case and/or assessment against the REC objectives in the Preliminary and Final Assessment.  

You can find more information on Impact Assessments in the REC Change Process user guide.

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