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Code Manager

The Code Manager is responsible for ensuring that the day-to-day functions and processes of the Retail Energy Code are effectively and efficiently delivered. The Code Manager is appointed and contracted by the Retail Energy Code Company, who oversees its performance.


  1. Functions
    1.1. REC Professional Services
    1.2. REC Technical Services
    1.3. REC Performance Assurance
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The Code Manager services can broadly be distinguished into three sets of functions: REC Professional Services, REC Technical Services, and REC Performance Assurance. The Code Manager is expected to embed a continuous improvement approach throughout all aspects of its service provision.

REC Professional Services


REC Technical Services


REC Performance Assurance


  • Design and delivery of a Performance Assurance Framework
  • REC Party compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Assuring Maintenance and Qualification of onboarding and existing REC Parties and Users
  • Assuring performance of REC Service Providers and the other Code Manager functions


The Code Manager is required to align its practices and processes with the principles set out within the Code Administration Code of Practice, which seeks to promote consistency and best practice across the different industry code arrangements.


The Code Manager provides a Service Desk function on the REC Portal, allowing tickets to be raised via the system and managed in accordance with agreed service levels. The Service Desk can also be contacted by email at

REC Parties are also appointed with an individual Operational Account Manager who they can use as a first point of contact into the Code Manager team.

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