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Performance Assurance Webinar (14 December 2023)

Registration for the Performance Assurance Webinar hosted by the REC Code Manager is now open.  

Secure your place now by emailing the Code Manager – just click here.  

The Code Manager will send you a calendar invitation for the event. If you can no longer attend the event, you can simply decline the calendar invitation.  

Registration will close at 16:00 on 13 December 2023

Event Details 

This event is scheduled to start at 12:00 and will last 1 hour 30 minutes

The target audience for this event is for all REC Parties.

The following topics will be covered at this event: 

•    Update on RFIs approach 
•    Clarity on PARC changes
•    Key Successes 
•    Service Provider Update 
•    MEM Updates
•    Updates from the Performance Assurance Board
•    Information Security Breaches and Interventions 
•    Theft Target Methodology
•    Dashboard Review Responses 
•    Domestic Premise Indicator 

If you have specific questions that you would like to be covered in the session, you can contact the Code Manager by email, and we will endeavour to address your points, either at the event or in advance. 


If any materials are made available by the Code Manager ahead of the event, they will be uploaded on this page. 

Post-event materials, including presentation slides and a recording of the event, will also be accessible here. 

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