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Category 3 Documents

Category 3 documents are non-mandatory guidance or subsidiary operational documents to the REC. These are documents developed and maintained by either the Code Manager, a REC Committee or a REC Service Provider. Each Category 3 document has a Responsible Committee or Responsible Service Provider as shown in the REC Baseline Statement.

Category 3 Change Requests

Changes to Category 3 documents are progressed under the Category 3 Change Process. These documents should not have any material impacts on REC Parties or stakeholders so they do not need to progress through the REC full formal change process.  

The Responsible Service Provider will in most cases identify any changes that are required to a Category 3 document however changes may also be identified through the following processes: 

  • REC Change Process – where any impacts to a Category 3 documents are identified in the assessment of a Change Proposal
  • Release Management – where changes to Category 3 documents are required to align with a REC Release
  • REC issues process – where improvements or issues are highlighted to the REC Code Manager

When a Category 3 Change is required the Responsible Committee or Service Provider will complete a Change 3 Proposal and details of the Change will be uploaded to the Category 3 Change Log held on the REC Portal.  The Change will be reviewed by the REC Change team to ensure that:

  • the proposed change only impacts Category 3 documents
  • the proposed change does not require changes to any Category 1 or 2 products 
  • the proposed change is accurate and of sufficient quality.

Once the REC Code Manager has completed a review of the proposed Category 3 Change, they will provide any comments back to the Responsible Service Provider, who will update existing or draft new Category 3 documents accordingly. The new or updated document will be uploaded to the Category 3 Documents area of the REC Portal. REC Stakeholders will be notified via the weekly Change Bulletin of the date the document will be implemented and published on the REC Portal.

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