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Prioritisation Matrix

The Prioritisation Matrix is a tool used within the Change Management process. It is used to determine the priority score and status that is assigned to each Retail Energy Code Change Proposal based on a combination of factors including significance and urgency.

Prioritisation allows the Code Manager to focus on resolving more significant issues and delivering changes that offer the most benefit. This means a more strategic and beneficial programme of change, delivering greater benefits to industry and consumers.

The priority status does not establish if a Change Proposal will be progressed, but when. It is determined by the Code Manager during its initial assessment of the Change Proposal, based on their perception and the current priorities for the REC.

The Prioritisation Matrix is maintained by the Code Manager. It is adapted as improvements are identified and REC priorities evolve. Changes are made in consultation with the REC Change Panel and Retail Energy Code Company.

The Prioritisation Matrix is accessible through the Change and Release area of the REC Portal.

Version History

On 31 October 2022, an updated version of the Prioritisation Matrix was published (V2.0). This new version introduced revised prioritisation criteria and weightings that reflect the current priorities for the REC.  

It also introduced a new way to calculate the priority score based on the new criteria and weightings. This will enable the Code Manager to more easily assess the priority of a new Change Proposal relative to the portfolio of existing Change Proposals.

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