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Change Proposal

Any interested person, stakeholder, REC Party or the Code Manager can propose a change to the REC by submitting a REC Change Proposal.

If you are considering raising a Change Proposal the Code Manager would welcome a conversation with you. The Code Manager can help you decide whether a Change Proposal is the right route to resolve an issue and can help clarify understanding. The Code Manager may also already be exploring a similar issue so it can be efficient to engage in a conversation. You can find more information on Change Proposals in the REC Change Process user guide.

  1. Filling out the Change Proposal Form   
  2. Reviewing the Change Proposal
  3. Change Proposal Decisions


Filling out the Change Proposal Form

If you decide to raise a Change Proposal you can do this directly through the REC Portal by completing a Change Proposal form within the Change and Release page. The form will guide you through the stages of raising a Change Proposal and will detail all the information you will need to provide. The form will be automatically saved as you complete it to allow you additional time to provide all the information. If you start to complete a Change Proposal but don’t complete it the form will be partly saved and available for you to continue when you return to it.

When you're ready to submit, the Portal will check that all mandatory information has been included, and alert you if anything is missing. You won't be able to submit without all the mandatory information. Once the form has been submitted you will receive an automatic confirmation that it's been received for review by the Change Management Team.

Reviewing the Change Proposal

The Code Manager is responsible for operating a fair and transparent change process for all stakeholders and ensuring that consumer outcomes are at the heart of the process. They replace many of the roles traditionally provided by industry panels or working groups in the change process, including:

  • Planning and prioritising the change agenda
  • Proactively raising Change Proposals to address known issues and drive change to better facilitate the REC objectives, mission statement and strategy.
  • Developing the activities and timetable for progressing Change Proposals
  • The detailed analysis, solution design and requirement specification for Change Proposals.
  • Commissioning impact assessments
  • Carrying out a cost-benefit analysis and developing the business case
  • Making a formal and independent Recommendation to the Responsible Committee on whether a Change Proposal should be approved or rejected.

The Code Manager may reject the Change Proposal if:

  • It is incomplete or insufficiently clear;
  • The Change Proposal and/or issue that it seeks to address is not materially different from or could appropriately form part of an active Change Proposal that has not yet been decided upon;
  • The Change Proposal concerns matters that are outside the scope of the REC; or
  • The Change Proposal has no reasonable prospect of being approved.

The Code Manager will also consider whether the issue is something that actually needs a Change Proposal to resolve, or whether it could be better addressed by another method such as additional training.

You will usually be told of a decision to accept or reject the Change Proposal within three working days. If longer is needed you will be advised of the timeline and the reasons for the extension.

Change Proposal Decisions

Whether your Change Proposal is accepted or rejected, you’ll be notified on the REC Portal. Keep an eye on your notification bell in the top right-hand corner of the Portal. If your Change Proposal is rejected you will also receive an email to explain why.

When a Change Proposal is accepted the Code Manager will give it a reference number and create a brand new Change Proposal page to hold the relevant information.

All Change Proposals, current and historic, can be found on the REC Portal Change Register which is accessed through the Change and Release area of the REC Portal.

The Change Register gives a high-level view of the Change Proposal, its Status, Impacted Parties, the Change Category, Change Path, and Implementation Date. You can also access the Change Proposal page for a specific change from the Change Register for further information/documentation.

Alternatively, if you have subscribed to the email distribution list relating to Change Management activity, you will receive an email notification as a Change Proposal moves through the Change process.

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