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R0148 and the Metadata Catalogue

R0148 involves the categorisation of data within the Enquiry Services which will help to improve, extend, and simplify access to data securely and efficiently. These will be 4 categories of Closed, Personal, Conditionally Open and Always Open.



Always Open

Data item does not contain personal, commercial or security sensitive data and can be made open.

Conditionally Open

Data item in isolation is not personal, commercial or security sensitive, but when combined with other data items, may result in it becoming personal, commercial or security sensitive.


Data item contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII).


Data item contains data that is personally, commercially or security sensitive and cannot be shared unless under exceptional circumstances.


Part of this Change Proposal will be to introduce a metadata catalogue which categorises each data item within the Enquiry Services, and the draft of this was worked through with RECCo and other Code Bodies. The Code Manager is requesting that the industry review the proposed categorisation of the data items and an overview of how this should be completed can be found here. Once the review is finalised, it can be uploaded to the Portal on the relevant Party Impact Assessment page here.

This request was flagged to RIG Members at the meeting on 10 November 2023 and there were concerns raised over the size of the request and that ample time must be provided to ensure the right resource can conduct this review. The Code Manager has taken this feedback on board and extended the Impact Assessment period to 26 January 2024.

Please provide your response via the REC Portal by 23:59 26 January 2024. 

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