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REC Parties

A REC Party is an organisation which is bound by the obligations set out within the Retail Energy Code (REC). A REC Party may be an ‘Original Party’ (meaning an organisation that acceded to the REC at the point it was designated on 01 September 2021) or a ‘New Party’ (meaning an organisation that acceded to the REC after 01 September 2021).


  1. Types of REC Party
  2. Other Types of Code User
  3. Becoming a REC Party


Types of REC Party

The following categories of organisations are REC Parties by virtue of being signatories to the code:

  • Energy Suppliers
  • Gas Transporters
  • Distribution Network Operators
  • Metering Equipment Managers
  • the Data Communications Company (DCC)
  • the Retail Energy Code Company (RECCo)

Other Types of Code User

Some types of organisations may have obligations set out within the REC, but are not REC Parties as they are not direct signatories to the Code. Usually, other REC Parties are responsible for ensuring these types of organisation fulfil their obligations. Organisations that fall into this category include:

  • Switching Data Service Providers (except for the DCC)
  • REC Service Providers (including the Code Manager)
  • Gas Shippers
  • Supplier Agents
  • Meter Asset Providers
  • Non-REC Party Service Users

Becoming a REC Party

An organisation that wishes to become a new REC Party needs to apply to the Code Manager through the form found under the Party Operations area of the REC Portal. A Portal User account is required to start an application to become a REC Party.

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