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Monthly Consolidated and M Number Reports

Historically, Monthly Consolidated and M Number reports were reports sent directly to users that contained a full set of the data available to them in the Enquiry Services.

Following the implementation of REC V3.0, the Electricity Monthly Consolidated and Gas M Number Reports ceased.

Users of the Enquiry Services (EES and GES) now have access to a number of reports. The full list of reporting available is contained within the Electricity Enquiry Service Definition and the Gas Enquiry Service Definition.


  1. Obtaining Monthly Consolidated and M Number Reports
  2. API Access
    2.1. REC Parties
    2.2. Non-REC Parties


Obtaining Monthly Consolidated and M Number Reports

Data should now be accessed directly by the user using the Electricity Enquiry Service (EES) Portal and API and Gas Enquiry Service (GES) Portal and API.

This change reflects the policy requirement of the Switching Programme and the intention that parties access the most up-to-date information possible when progressing a consumers’ switch*. The Monthly Consolidated and M Number Reports were historically provided to Suppliers on a monthly basis, which introduced a risk of data being out of date. Replacing these reports with the Enquiry Services Portals mitigates this risk and means users have the most up-to-date information. All the data that was previously contained within the Monthly Consolidated Report and M Number Report can now be obtained from EES and GES (respectively) either directly or via an API.

Retail Energy Code v2.0 and Retail Code Consolidation (paragraph 4.17)

API Access

For REC Parties the Accession Agreement provides access to EES and GES. For non-REC Party Service Users, access to the EES and GES will be set out in their approved Access Agreement and will be dependent on that Party’s requirement. 

REC Parties

Although REC Parties have access to the EES and GES Portals as part of their Accession Agreement, APIs are managed separately. If you have not set up APIs for your organisation and wish to do so you can raise a Service Desk Enquiry to discuss your needs with the Code Manager.

Non-REC Parties

Non-REC Parties may also have access to EES APIs, to discuss this further with the Code Manager raise a Service Desk Enquiry.

The EES and GES Service Providers will support parties in the onboarding process to a new API. A security key will be provided by the Service Provider, and a system change would likely be required to implement these within individual party organisations.

You can also review the EES and GES API Technical Specifications for support on how to implement and amend your APIs.

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