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Welcome to the directory for REC Podcasts

The Code Manager regularly publishes podcasts on a variety of relevant topics, as part of its communications strategy. In this space, you can find links to each of the published podcasts.
From September 2023, the Code Manager also publishes transcripts from each of the podcasts, in support of accessibility.
15 November 2023

Introducing ERIN


Paul Rocke and Roz Timperley discuss ERIN: the newest addition to the REC Digital Navigator. (5 minutes)

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09 November 2023

Deep Dive Into REC Change Improvements


Sam Briggs and Holly Law delve deeper into the improvements the REC Code Manager is looking to introduce to the Change process that were presented at the Change Improvements webinar. (4 minutes)

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01 November 2023

REC Code Release - November 2023


Paul Rocke and Holly Law discuss the Change Proposals to be implemented in the REC Release on 03 November 2023 (6 minutes)

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10 October 2023

Introduction to REC Change Improvements

Paul Rocke and Holly Law discuss the work being carried out by the Code Manager to improve the REC Change Process (5 minutes)

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20 September 2023

REC Committees Overview and Member Appointments

Paul Rocke discusses the role of the REC Committees, following the appointment of the new Members in September 2023 (6 minutes)

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06 September 2023

Podcast Relaunch and Communications Refresh

Paul Rocke, of the REC Code Manager, discusses plans to refresh REC Communications as the Code marks its second anniversary (6 minutes)

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31 May 2023

June 2023 REC Release

Paul Rocke and Steve Brennan (REC Release Manager) provide an overview of the upcoming June 2023 REC Release (5 minutes)

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29 March 2023

The New Metering Audit Scheme

Paul Rocke is joined by David Haddock from Wilcock Consultants to discuss the Metering Audit Scheme and the impacts on Metering Parties (7 minutes)

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02 March 2023

The Codes Roadmap

Paul Rocke is joined by Beth Brown from our Technical Services team to discuss what the Codes Roadmap is and the changes that stakeholders can expect to see (6 minutes)

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25 January 2023

REC and the Role of the Consumer

Paul Rocke is joined by Sue Jackson, our Consumer advocate to discuss how the consumer is put at the heart of what we do and how the new Citizen’s Advice Change Proposal will impact Consumers (10 minutes)

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30 November 2022

REC Performance Assurance Overview

Anton Moden joins us to discuss all things Performance Assurance and provides an update on the Performance Assurance service (5 minutes)

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