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Withdrawing from the REC

If a REC Party or a Non-Party REC Service User wishes to withdraw from the REC they must notify the Code Manager of their intention to withdraw and provide an intended withdrawal date at least 28 calendar days from the date of the notice.

In order to withdraw the Code Manager will check to make sure the exit requirements are met which include

  • Any outstanding REC charges being settled
  • The REC Party not being required by a Licence to be a REC Party; and
  • The REC Party not being associated with any Registerable Metering Points (RMP).

Providing these requirements are met the formal withdrawal will take place on the notified withdrawal date. At this point, the REC Party or Non-Party REC Service User will no longer meet qualified status and the Qualified Party Register held on the Portal will be updated to reflect this.

The process for exit from the REC is outlined in REC Schedule 19 - Market Exit.

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